Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sample Animated Video Clips

Hi there, here are some of the sample video clips I have created.
Will create video clips with different characters for the script you provide. Word count 500 words. Up to 3 characters. With or without voice over. Can add talk bubbles Instead of voice over if you wish. Can provide British, American and many accents. 

Intro Video With Logo and Message


Friday, July 6, 2012

How to get more traffic to your website?

Web traffic is the most essential thing for the websites that want to get success online. People often find it hard to get through and achieve success online. But there are number of ways and strategies that are devolved and explained by the top internet marketers and some experienced bloggers. And if you are strategic and well planned you can get the success soon.
How to increase traffic to your website is the first question that every blogger and webmaster asks when they start a website. And to get the targeted web traffic to your website is really hard for the starters. Following the top tips and strategies will make it easy for you to get listed in the highest traffic websites and you will start gaining the profits soon. You will start getting the leads if you are skilled and go organized. To get success online and to get targeted web traffic is not possible in a day or two. But there are efforts and hard time that you have to invest before you see the results.

Here are some of the top tips that can help you out in getting the targeted web traffic that is most profitable for your website.

1. First and the foremost thing is your website. Make it neat and clean so that more and more visitors get attracted towards you and can convert into your customers.

2. Try to serve your visitors with the fresh and unique knowledge they are looking for. Always add unique content that is knowledgeable and easy to understand.

3. Offer some great tips and techniques that are according to your niche and can attract your visitors more.

4. Give some free ebooks and other resources to your visitors so that they will get attracted towards your websites.

5. Hire some professional for your site's SEO. Search engine optimization is must for the new sites and you have to go for it so that you get maximum organic traffic from search engines.

6. For getting more targeted website traffic you can also add your blog's links to your email signature.

7. Try commenting on the relative blogs using your name and website links. Do not use your website name while commenting; this can spam your comment.

8. If you want to promote your website offline, you can print your URL on the business cards, brochures, flyers and even some other promotional things like t-shirts and all.

9. You can use the tools and software like keyword blueprint and link blueprint to get more traffic to your websites.

10. Most important you should be committed and add regular content to your blogs so that search engines love them and you get decent traffic.

get free traffic to website free traffic generation more visitors

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Get real facebook fans delivered to your fanpage!
You dont need to worry anymore about getting fans on facebook cause we are here for you.
You can now fully focus just on your business.
If you dont even have facebook fanpage no need to worry, we can also build that!

We are offering you professional, safe way to get fans that are real facebook users.
We are going to deliver them the cheapest on the whole planet.

These are the packages so you can start right away
Global/worldwide fans:
1000 worldwide fans - 20$
2000 worldwide fans - 35$
3000 worldwide fans - 55$
4000 worldwide fans - 70$
5000 worldwide fans - 90$
10,000 worldwide fans - 170$
15,000 worldwide fans - 200$
20,000 worldwide fans - 240$
25,000 worldwide fans - 280$
NOTE: for orders over 25k contact me!

You want to RESELL?

No problem! contact me and we will discuss!
Only serious people

Facebook fanpages to-go
If you want we can also build you fanpage from scratch. We will take care that fanpage gets the fans.
We will take care of the pictures. We will take care that it is fully-looking.
Of course, if you want, you can be also part of the process or let us do it.

Fully organized fanpages for you:
fanpage with 5,000 fans - 197$
fanpage with 10,000 fans - 247$
fanpage with 15,000 fans - 297$
fanpage with 20,000 fans - 347$
Includes simple profile picture with info text, some sample pictures and fans.
we also offer this for your fanpages to-go:
fanpage to-go management - 37$/month
welcome graphic design to encourage people to like - 27$
production of HTML/CSS facebook inside site - 77$
NOTE: You can use this service also for your business facebook page.

1. Send me a PM with what would you like to order
2. Then i will send you back PayPal address where to send the payment
3. You send me back transaction ID and the order is in progress 

Do i need to provide you with my fb account details or give you admin access?No, nothing like that is needed. I only need your fanpage link.
Will my page get banned if i use your service? No, your page will not get banned since we act naturally.
Do you also offer targeted likes/fans by country? Not now but they will be avaliable from october on.
Can i order for example 5k package and send 1k to one page and 4k to others? No you cant. if you buy 5k package taht means its just for one page. In this case you will need to buy 1k package for one page and so-on. 
How long it will take to deliver the fans? We usually deliver in 48hrs. You will be notified when we are done.
What if i have clients that want to buy likes, can i resell? Yes, you can. Just shot me a PM and we will talk about it.
How do i order/proceed? You just follow the instructions that are for order details.
What if i still dont know if thats for me and i am uncertain? Then you should ask in thread or PM me and i will gladly answer your questions.
How do you get these fans? We are using blackhat method which we dont want to reveal since its cruicial to our business success
Why would i want to buy facebook fan page ready to-go? Simply because you dont need nothing, we take care of everything.

We are not giving any guarantuee about the traffic you get to your page. If the likes are decreasing please keep them motivated to keep them. If you are for some reason not happy with the fans we offer 100% refund. If your fanpage by some accident gets banned you will get full refund or new page - no questions asked.

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Monday, February 27, 2012